The aluminium can

We believe that today, the most environmentally friendly packaging, fully respecting the circular economy principles, is the aluminum can.



The can is handy, unbreakable unlike glass bottles, and lightweight (10 to 30 g against 400 to 600 g for glass). Compared to bottles in glass and PET, the can has the advantage to protect against light degradation, as well as (no possible migration or gas lost, unlike PET bottles).


With its mechanical inherent properties (malleability, solidity, barrier, aspect, etc) and infinitely recoverable, the can is 100 % recyclable, regardless the number of recycling executed. Moreover, it recycles infinitely without losing any matter and needs less energy than glass to be recycled (800°C against 1800).


With the progress of the metallurgical industry, the boxes’ thickness dropped by 20 to 30 %. With a lighter weight than glass and plastic, cans can be transported more easily and demand less storage space. In addition, the cost of transport is reduced. It has a weaker energetic impact than other types of packaging.

 The can, un undeniable asset to the environment

Concerned about our environmental impact, we follow-up the researches on new packaging products, like the vegan bottle. Today, in accordance with the current state of the researches, we value the use of metal.

In this way, we :

  • Sensitise our partners to our values
  • Keep our customers informed about the different legislation projects on food packaging
  • and work with producers of recycled cans, without Bisphenol A*

* A very resistant alimentary paint raise a barrier between the liquid and the aluminum, which prevents the drink from touching the metal. France is the only country in the world which owns an alimentary paint without Bisphenol A

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