How to create and manufacture a new drink? all the steps.

Whether you are a startup, an independent, or an industrialist, to meet your needs, we have surrounded ourselves with a network of partners and experts ready to invest and see your innovative beverage projects born, grow and evolve.

It is a collaborative work, more than a technical advice, it is a human adventure.



Audit, strategy of the drink

After the ratification of a confidentiality contract, we make a 360 degrees audit of your project and constitute reasoned specifications.

Market study

With an average of 180 beverage creator cases per year and 20 years of industry experience, our market expertise allows us to establish the best strategic angle for your beverage.

Marketing study

Qualification of your target, distribution channels and psychological prices are among the many points studied.


Once the marketing and market studies have been carried out, communication tools can be put in place: Communication recommendations; graphic creation and execution; packaging: label or direct printing, cluster pack, tray; marketing mix; POS; digital communication, etc.



Research and development

Multidisciplinary skills in R&D : sciences and technologies in agribusiness industry, flavourists, œnologists, neurophysiologists (behaviors of the consumers).

We dispose of a modern equipment for the conception, formulation and stabilization of the drinks.


Formulation and sourcing

With or without alcohol, still or sparkling, in glass bottles, PET, aluminium or in cans, our engineers develop all kind of innovative drinks to satisfy your demands.

With more than a hundred listed laboratories, our aroma library has no limit. Always in research of innovative, functional, nutritive products, we travel the world searching for ingredients that make the difference.


Quality control and regulations

The traceability is respected all along the process. From the selection and approval of the ingredients, the determination of the most adapted stabilization process, to the production and the logistics, all the steps of the pathway are controlled.

No matter your aimed market, the regulations will be studied according to the countries of distribution.

Specifications and labeling

With a 20 to 60 pages technical book, you will dispose of every technical and legal information essential to be able to produce your drink everywhere on the planet.

Preparation for the certifications : BIO (AB, Eurofeuille), Halal, Casher, Sud de France




Laboratory test

In addition to the organoleptic samples that are used to validate your formula, we can manufacture mini lab productions (12 to 24 bottles).

Industrial test

From 20 000 cans of 250 Ml or 5 000 bottles of 330 Ml, you can test your finished products on the market with a minimum of investment.


With a production capacity of 360 million cans per year, we support you throughout your growth.


Aluminum cans (lacquer without Bisphenol A): 150 ml, 250 ml Slim and Sleek, 330 ml standard and Sleek, 500 ml, 750 ml and 1000 ml.
Glass bottles : 250ml, 330 ml, 500 ml, 750 ml.
Aluminum bottles: 250ml, 330ml, 500ml.
PET bottles: 330 ml, 500 ml, 1 L, 1.5 L.



Bundling in HICONE, Customized Shrink Film, Cluster Pack, American Tray and Case.



Transport of raw materials and goods produced

From the pallet to the container. From the ingredient laboratory to the production plant and from your unit to the logistics warehouse.



We can store your production on a logistic unit under computerized traceability.

Order preparation, traceability and sales administration (BL)

We manage your stock to facilitate the organization of your supplies and the preparation of your orders. We do the picking, prepare your order for the carrier and edit your customer BL.

Shipments: local, national and international

We organize your transport for all distances and all quantities, from a 24-pack to a container, for local, regional, national and international transport.




We accompany you during the creation of your company and help you to find financing in order to reinforce your equity and facilitate the financial leverage effects thanks to subsidies.



We set up adapted tools to facilitate fund raising, participative and traditional credits in order to accompany your start-up


Financial structuring and support in financial strategy, fund raising, equity, participative and traditional financing.


Do you have a beverage creation project? Do you need help with the formulation of your drink, its production, labeling… on all or part of the steps?