Being ourselves creators of our own drinks, we have acquired an estimated experience and passed all kind of challenges. Thanks to our multidisciplinary team, our network and our partners, we put this knowledge to your disposal in order to develop your project and create your company. According to your needs and your expertise, we intervene on all or part of the process.

We offer a complete and personalized service.

Sparkling or still, alcoholic or soft, natural, surprising, energizing drinks…. And even the worst one in the world !

For this customer, no… We haven’t simply put sea water in our cans. A true work of research has been done. First was finding the only supplier in France authorized to pump sea water in a goal of consumption or care.
Once pumped from a specific depth, this sea water has been filtered. Impurities, heavy metal traces and other medicines, toxins, residues, and pesticides have been eliminated in order to keep the benefits of the sea, and nothing else.
During this sensitization campaign alongside the boaters, the goal was not to quench or feed them, but simulate drowning without taking the risk of contaminating anyone. Regulatory precautions about the labelling of the can have obviously been taken in order to take care of salt sensitive people.

We source the best suppliers, follow all the last trends and regulations to advise you in manufacturing the best drink on your market.